Apple Censorship

By GreatFire

3871 apps are unavailable in the China (mainland) App Store, including Reddit, The New York Times and Skype for iPhone. Apple claims - without providing any evidence - that the majority of these are related to gambling or pornography.

Government requests related to app removals: China mainland - The vast majority relate to illegal gambling or pornography. Apple Transparency Report
Guess what? We didn’t know that Apple was helping the CCP to block Bitter Winter in China. We just learned it from The Intercept, actually reading one of its well-documented and well-researched articles published more than 20 days ago. We are thankful to that online magazine because they read us and checked if people in China could do the same. Bitter Winter
Apple disclosed little about its rules and how they are enforced, and revealed no data about content removed—including apps removed from its App Store—as a result of government requests. Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index 2019